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1. Spiritually correct way of performing rituals in the worship of the Goddess

Every Devta has a peculiar spiritual method of worship. There is a definite science behind performing every ritual in a peculiar way when worshipping a particular Devta. The following table gives information about some common rituals in the worship of the 'Primal energy' that is Sri Durgadevi and Her different forms.
Action of Worship Information about action
1. How should a worshipper
    apply gandh to himself ?
It should be applied vertically with the
middle finger on the adnya chakra
2.With which finger should
   one apply gandh to the
   Goddess ?
With the ring finger
3. Offering flowers
    a. Which ones ?

    b. In what number ?

    c. What is the method of
        offering ?

    d. In which pattern should
        flowers be offered ?

Mogra, Chrysantemum, Tuber-rose,
Lotus and Jasmine

One or in multiples of nine

The stalk of the flower should face
the Goddess

In circular pattern keeping the centre
of the circle empty
4.Waving an incense stick
    a. Which fragrance
        should be used for
        saviour worship ?

    b. For Destroyer worship?

    c. In what number

    d. What should be the
        method of worship ?

Sandalwood, Rose, Mogra, Kevada,
Champaa, Chameli, Jasmine, Khus,
Nightqueen and Amber

Henna and Darbar


The incense stick should be held
between the index finger and the
thumb of the right hand and it should
be waved three times in a clock-wise
direction in a full circle
5.Which fragrance should be
   offered ?
6. How many circumambulations
    to the minimum should be
    taken ?
One or in multiple of nines
- a scholar (through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 2nd January 2005, 9.42 p.m.)

2. Performing Arti of a Goddess

2.1 What is the correct method of saying Arti of Goddess ?

The Goddess principle, that is the Divine energy principle is a confluence of the saviour and destroyer forms of Energy. Hence it is only appropriate that the Arti hymns be sung in a low pitch, at a medium pace and earnestly, with intense bhav.

2.2 Which musical instruments should be played during the Arti ?

Since the Goddess symbolises the Divine energy principle musical instruments such as drums made from leather and generating energy frequencies should be played lightly during the Arti.

2.3 Should a lamp with a single wick ('ekarti') or lamp with five wicks ('pancharti') be used for Arti?

This entirely depends on the bhav and spiritual level of the devotee performing the Arti.
  • Performing pancharti: The five wicks of a pancharti symbolise the principle of multiplicity, that is the ever-changing Great Illusion. If the devotee performing Arti is a preliminary stage seeker (with spiritual level less than 50%), who has just commenced spiritual practice then he should use the five wick Arti .
  • Performing ekarti: One wick of the ekarti symbolises the principle of singularity. The devotee with substantial bhav and a spiritual level above 50% should use the one wick Arti, that is ekarti.
  • Performing Arti with the atmajyoti: A highly evolved devotee with a spiritual level of more than 70% and who has already entered a stage of unmanifest bhav, gets a vision of the Goddess with His atmajyoti. Using this to perform Arti indicates steadiness of emotion in the principle of singularity.

2.4 What is the correct method of performing Arti ?

When performing the Arti of a Goddess move the lit lamp around the Devta in a complete circular manner in the clockwise direction - A scholar (through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 22nd February 2005, 8.16 p.m.)

3. Worship of the Goddess on Gauri tritiya

  • 'Chaitra Gauri' celebrations commence from the day of Gudhi Padva (first day of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra). On this day chaitanya in the form of the absolute air element flows from the universe towards the earth. During the period from Gudhi Padva to Gauri tritiya (third day of Chaitra) the generation of Brahma's primal energy flow that is in its teens takes place. The flow is attributeless and is active in respective time cycle. This period is the most Blissful because the Divine energy principle that rides the absolute air element principle is active in the entire universe. The invocation of Goddess Gauri on Gudhi padva enables purification of the subconscious mind. As a result all the tasks performed by the worshipper during the subsequent year are without body awareness. Because of this these tasks turn out to be more effective and fruitful. Without body awareness means performing these tasks under the firm influence of the impression on subconscious mind that, 'the one doing the tasks is not the cage of flesh and bones meaning the physical body but the chaitanya within it'.
  • The Energy principle generated from the flow of the absolute air element after invoking Goddess Gauri on Gudhi Padva becomes radiant on day of Gauri tritiya. This aura of its radiance spreads all over the universe and is described as the 'Brilliance of the Energy principle'. This is the phase where the Energy principle enters the stage of teens. This implies that from Gudhi Padva the attributeless form of the Primal energy begins to assume a form 'with attributes' with the help of the radiance and attains an optimal level on the third day.
Benefits derived by worshipping the Goddess on Gauri tritiya: Worship of the Goddess on Gauri tritiya activates worshippers talent. Hence during this period many talented souls emerge with new creations. - A scholar (through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 7th September 2006, 2.57 p.m.)

4. Worship of the Goddess on Haratalika

'On Hartalika (third day of the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapad) the Energy principle manifests in the universe in the form of flow of absolute fire element particles and under the influence of God Shiva. Due to the combined energies of Shiva and Divine energy there is accumulation of the Energy of action at respective levels in the body of the woman who worships the Goddess.
Accumulation of the Energy of action provides the strength for activity throughout the year. Besides, permeation of these frequencies into the physical body causes purification of the physical body and also that of the vital energy body along with that of the sheath it has.' - A scholar (through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 7th September 2006, 9.48 p.m.)

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