Posted by : Shoumik Das Monday, 18 February 2013

Hindu Samhati’s 5th anniversary at Wellington Square on February 14, 2013, dashing the hopes of Fanatic-appeasing state administration and aeonian foes of Dharma, has got a historic success making its antagonists grasp that a Hindu force to be reckoned with has appeared in Bengal at long last.

The state administration, albeit benevolent enough to permit Fanatics radicals to machinate conventions or stage protests whenever necessary, was hell-bent to foil this anniversary and hence, it left no stone unturned to dampen the spirit – as a result Hindu Samhati had to move to the corridors of judiciary and obtained the coveted permission to hold meeting from Hon’ble High Court, Kolkata. Little did the Bengal administration know that their entire approach stimulated Hindu Samhati only and the rest is history by now – virtually an epic struggle that will be written in golden words in history.    

Hindu Samhati’s 5th anniversary, hence, was no mere festival where people do partake to observe it with splendor but the perfect emblem of a Yajna or Vedic Sacrifice where Hindus do take oath to wage struggles. 

Apart from a wave of Hindus, dignitaries who graced the event included

Dr. Richard Benkin (USA); Dr. Gautam Sen (UK); Dr. Rudranath Talukdar (USA); Shri Jayesh Patel (UK); Dr. Saradindu Mukherjee (Delhi University); Sailendra Jain (Delhi); Arvind Mishra, (Delhi); Swami Tejasanandaji. The meeting was presided by Tapan Ghosh (president-Hindu Samhati).

While an assortment of speakers including Dr. Gautam Sen, Dr. Rudranath Talukdar and Dr. Saradindu Mukherjee were witnessed to crack down on different aspects of Fanatic fundamentalism and how it endeavors to harm Hindus in different capacity for eternity, Sailendra Jain and Arvind Mishra focused on the need to form a stubborn cohesion among Hindus on a national scale.

Dr. Richard Benkin’s speech concentrated on the hapless situation of Hindus in modern day Bangladesh and how Hindus in Indian Bengal, a majority community thus far, may suffer the same if they fail to thwart mounting (precarious) tentacles of Fanatic fundamentalism. Through myriad instances put forward by him it was comprehended how Hindus are getting diminished in the Bangladeshi map more and more. Taking cue from the research of Dr. Sachi Dastidar of the State University of New York Dr. Benkin  pointed out that more than 5 crores of Hindus are missing from contemporary Bangladesh. He also lamented that all internationally acclaimed institutions including Amnesty International and other organizations of United Nations are paying just a lip service to Hindus in Bangladesh and to stop these, as per him, it is urgent for Hindus to strike back with prowess and similar vigor.

Tapan Ghosh, president : Hindu Samhati, paying glaring tributes to Shri. Tapas Chowdhury, police officer who was gunned down by Fanatic ruffians in broad daylight in Garden Reach in Kolkata of late, deplored that Hindus can’t depend on a state administration whose police officer can be killed and police fears to take strong measures against the perpetrators.

He, recalling the brutal death of Vinod Mehta, then DC- Port Division, in 1984, stated even if the change of guard takes place fate of Hindu police officers fighting the Fanatic miscreants remains same. He wondered how can then such an effete police force dare to take on Hindus. Perhaps complacency, serenity of Hindus remain the greatest hindrance before them – unless they learn to make a mess of the social order and hurl bombs like Fanatics on the police, they will not be honored.

Tapan Ghosh, pointing at pictures of Guru Govind Singh and Shivaji, adorning the dais, stated that Hindus would have to sacrifice themselves to save Hindu identity. Such a vigorous mindset can reinstitute dignity of Dharma again only; struggle remains the only option before Hindus to sustain and expand. 
Source : Hindu Samhati

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