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Shri Ganesh Jayanti : A Spiritual celebration

Shri Ganapati
 Table of contents 
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic spiritual celebration
  3. Relative importance of the types of celebration methods
  4. Best celebration of Shri Ganesh Jayanti

1. Introduction 

Shri Ganesh Jayanti, the day on which the Ganesh frequencies reached earth for the first time, i.e. the day on which Shri Ganesh was born, is the fourth day (chaturthi) of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Maagh. On this auspicious occasion, what can we do to derive maximum spiritual benefit from Shri Ganesh’s heightened presence on earth? This article is based on the divine knowledge received by a seeker (saadhikaa) doing spiritual practice under the guidance of His Holiness Dr. Athavale. It provides an idea of the types of spiritual practices (saadhanaa) that can be performed on this day and their relative importance. 

2. Basic spiritual celebration

On the auspicious occasion of Shri Ganesh Jayanti, the devotee or seeker (saadhak) should do 3 to 9 turns of a mala (108 stringed beads) while chanting Sree Ganesh’s Name (‘Om Gan Ganapataye namaha’)
In addition to this, a devotee should worship Shri Ganesh's idol or picture, ritualistically. From this one can derive the benefit of Sree Ganesh’s divine energy and divine consciousness that come to earth in higher amounts this day. Reciting Shri Ganesh Atharvashirsha (stotra, holy verses in praise of Shri Ganesh) adds to these benefits.

3. Relative importance of the types of celebration methods

Spiritual benefit 
Chanting (continual repeating /remembrance) of Shri Ganesh’s Name
Ritualistic worship and singing of hymns with lit lamp waving (aarati)
Reciting Atharvashirsha
1 Getting benefit from Sree Ganesh Principle (%) 20 10 to 15 7 to 10
2 Getting divine consciousness or chaitanya (%) 50 30 20
3 Getting divine energy (%) 40 20 10
4 Relative importance (%) Spiritual emotion (bhaav) 70 100 30
Pronunciation 30 0 70
5 Impact on the devotee Awakening of the Sushumna (central) spiritual energy channel*, awakening of spiritual emotion, and chanting occurring at a higher level of speech (vaani) Awakening of spiritual emotion, can easily absorb divine consciousness and divine energy and awakening of the Sushumna (central) and the Surya (right side) spiritual energy channels* Gettting divine consciousness and divine energy,  removal of subtle black covering and awakening of the Surya (right side) spiritual energy channel*
6 Impact on different bodies of the embodied soul** Physical body 10 2 All bodies get purified up to 15%. Vital energy body and mental body get purified up to 30%.
Mental body 30 3
Causal (intellect) body 20 1
Supra-causal (ego) body 10 2
  All bodies get purified, resulting in overall increase in spiritual purity (saattvikta) Increase in overall spiritual purity (saattvikta) of the bodies and increase in divine consciousness absorbing capacity of the bodies
 * The Kundalini is the inherent spiritual energy system in the body. It consists of 7 main centres or chakras, 3 main channels - the Sun (Surya or Right channel or Pingalaa naadi), Moon (Chandra or Left channel or Idaa naadi) and Central (Sushumnaa naadi) channels and innumerable ducts and ductules.  
** An average human being, also known as the embodied soul or Jiva

4. Best celebration of Shri Ganesh Jayanti

The devotee derives 100% benefit from the heightened Sree Ganesh Principle on earth on Sree Ganesh Jayanti day, by performing all of the above spiritual practices.

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