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Chapter 1: The science underlying the rituals performed in the Family

  • Birthday
    • 1. Spiritual meaning
    • 2. History and importance of a birthday celebration
      • 2.1 Birthday of an embodied soul in the ‘Satyayug
      • 2.2 Birthday of an individual in the Treta and Dvaparyugs
    • 3. Importance of celebrating the birthday as per the Hindu lunar calendar
    • 4. Method of birthday celebration
    • 5. Science behind the ritual of birthday celebration
      • 5.1 Three rites in birthday celebration and the science behind them
      • 5.2 Wearing new clothes after the bath with oil massage is like wearing an armour of chaitanya
    • 6. Spiritual experiences during the celebration of a birthday
    • 7. Acts forbidden on a birthday and the science behind it
    • 8. Subtle analysis of a birthday celebrated in western style
    • 9. A saint’s birthday
    • 10. The birthday celebration of children, contemporaries, the aged and saints

  • Ritual of waving a lit lamp (Aukshan)
    • 1. Articles required for the ritual of waving lit lamp and their arrangement
    • 2. Method of waving a lit lamp
    • 3. The science behind the actions during ‘Aukshan
      • 3.1 Why is it that akshatas should be placed on the vermillion applied on the forehead of the individual?
      • 3.2 Why is it that while doing Aukshan waving is done by the ring and beetlenut taken in hand?
      • 3.3 Why is the ring after waving around the face, touched to the platter (used for the ritual)?
      • 3.4 What is the science underlying using an ornament instead of a coin in the ritual of waving lit lamp?
      • 3.5 Various methods of the ritual of waving lit lamp
      • 3.6 Why are the unbroken rice grains (Akshatas) kept below the lit lamp platter when it is put down after the ritual is over?
      • 3.7 Why is the lit lamp platter moved only once while performing the ritual for Saints?
    • 4. Reason behind the various methods of the ritual of moving lit lamp and the effect on the embodied soul
    • 5. A spiritual experience of the ritual of waving lit lamp

  • Ritual of gifting
    • 1. Meaning of a gift
    • 2. What should be gifted and what should be the bhav (spiritual emotion) while gifting?
    • 3. Why are turmeric and vermillion applied to a gift?
    • 4. What is the best gift and who can offer it?
    Science underlying familial religious and social acts
  • The Pacification ritual for the elderly
    • 1. The purpose and the day for the ritual for shanti
    • 2. Types of shanti as per the age (of the person), the main Deities of the ritual and substances used in offerings
    • 3. The importance of ‘Sahastrachandra darshan
    • 4. Subtle observations of some steps in the ritual for shanti
      • 4.1 Vaishnaviii Shaantii
      • 4.2 Ugrarath (shashthi) Shaantii
      • 4.3 Sahastrachandra darshan
      • 4.4 Raudriii Shaantii

  • Puja of Sri Satyanarayan
    • 1. Importance of performing Sri Satyanarayan puja prior to a function

Chapter 2: Science behind the social rituals

  • Inauguration (Udghaatan)
    • 1. Definition and importance
    • 2. Rituals in inaugurating
    • 3. Why the western tradition of inaugurating by cutting a ribbon is inappropriate?

  • Lighting a Lamp
    • 1. The implied meaning and importance of lighting a lamp
      • 1.1 Activation of the energy of resolve of God
      • 1.2 Creation of a protective sheath around the venue
    • 2. Science behind lighting a lamp and breaking a coconut when inaugurating a programme on stage
    • 3. Science behind lighting a lamp on the stage
      • 3.1 Should unbroken rice grains (akshatas) be kept under the lamp before lighting it ?
      • 3.2 Why is it more appropriate to use oil instead of ghee (clarified butter) in the lamp ?
      • 3.3 Why is a lamp lit with another small lamp (kaypanji) and not with a candle ?
    • 4. Why is it more appropriate for a saint or a sattvik person to light a lamp on the stage?

  • Felicitation
    • 1. Spiritual meaning and importance
    • 2. Who should be felicitated?
    • 3. Who should do the felicitation?
    • 4. Honouring a worthy person
    • 5. Honouring a saint
    • 6. What should be avoided during felicitation?
    • 7. Comparison of felicitation of a deserving individual, a saint and idol of a deity

  • Release of a holy text or book using spiritual principles (granthaprakaashan)
    • 1. Meaning of the word ‘Prakaashan
    • 2. Shloks (Holy verses)to be recited during the function of book / holy text release
    • 3. Steps in the function of a holy text/book release
    • 4. Why should one not release a book by tying it with a ribbon and then untying it ?
    • 5. Subtle analysis done by Mrs. Anjali Gadgil at the release of the holy text ‘Sadhana’, of the Sanatan Sanstha

  • Why is it necessary to chant Sanskrut shloks during programmes related to various topics and which one?
  • Organisation of a stage programme of one or two sessions
  • Condolence meeting

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