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Seekers who have negative energy distress should find out for themselves the suitable healing method from amongst the healing methods of listening to kshatrageets (Songs that awaken radiance of a warrior), H.H. Dr. Athavale's guidance on Sadhana (or Shankanirasan) and Kshatradharma Sadhana, Bhajans (Devotional songs) of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj and Divine sounds
Click here to learn all details of the new method of Spiritual healing for seekers

Click here to directly go to the table for downloading Kshatrageete, Sadhana, Shankanirasan, Kshatradharma Sadhana, Bhajans and Divine Sounds

Divine Sounds

Divine sounds made available for spiritual healing, spiritual evolution
and enhancing spiritual emotion !

        Various Divine sounds and related information obtained with Shri Krushna's grace and H.H. Dr. Athavale's blessings through various mediums at Sanatan's Ramnathi and Devad Ashrams are now available on HJS website. These Divine sounds are now going to impart impetus to our sadhana (Spiritual practice). Some of these sounds are useful in awakening bhav (Spiritual emotion), while others are useful in spiritual healing.

To download and know more about these Divine Sounds, Click here

To download these sounds directly, click here

Jap (Chanting)

Refer this link for details about chanting
  • Why chanting is best spiritual practice in Kaliyug?
  • Which name one should chant ?
  • Where we can chant and where not? etc...

List of Japs

No Deity Duration
1 Sree Ganapti 00:00:24
2 Sree Ram 00:00:25
3 Sree Shiv 00:00:19
4 Sree Krishna 00:00:31
5 Sree Datta 00:00:19
6 Sree Hanuman 00:00:19
7 Sree Durga 00:00:20

Listen Jap: click on title in playlist

Aarti of Deities

List of Aartis

No Deity Duration
1 Sree Ganapti 00:01:32
2 Sree Ram 00:02:47
3 Sree Shiv 00:01:44
4 Sree Krishna 00:02:01
5 Sree Datta 00:01:57
6 Sree Hanuman 00:00:51
7 Sree Durga 00:01:13
8 Sree Vitthal 00:02:35
9 Sree Guru 00:03:29
10 Bhajan 00:01:24

Listen Aarti: click on title in playlist

Stotra of Deities

List of Stotras

No Stotra Duration
1 Ganesh Atarvashirsha 00:10:16
2 Sree Ram Raksha 00:11:39
3 Sree Shiv Kavach 00:17:45
4 Sree Hanuman Kavach 00:16:32
5 Narsihmukh 00:01:23

Listen Stotra: click on title in playlist

Listen or download Sattvik Vande Mataram by Sanatan Seeker Mrs. (Sau.) Anjali Gadgil
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